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The Story

The team at Board Game Bandit dates back to 1998. Originally a group of high school buddies, friendships were forged over late nights of Axis & Allies, Risk, and Star Wars Epic Duels. 22 years later, we have quite a few game nights under our belts. Although strategic and thematic games like Seafall are amongst our favourites, we love playing a wide variety of other games. Classic favourites like Catan, family games like Sagrada and 7 Wonders, and Legacy games like Pandemic continue to fuel our passion for board games. With so many amazing new games being developed, (including all the great 2 player games we save for game nights with our spouses) we’ve kept our days and weekends filled, exploring exciting new titles and themes.


Playing Axis & Allies in the old days


The idea of Board Game Bandit started brewing in 2019 when we (the Board Game Bandit partners) grew tired of trying to hunt down our most sought-after games. Few options were available in the Peel and Halton regions of the Greater Toronto Area. We knew that other like-minded gamers West of Toronto would enjoy having access to fun and entertaining games closer to home. From there the idea to start our own store slowly started to grow, until it eventually became a reality in January 2021.

Us Bandits strive to offer the best selection of the most sought-after games for all interests and age groups, from new releases to classic oldies. At Board Game Bandit we want to provide a seamless shopping experience by providing you with thoughtful game recommendations, helpful advice and best-in-class information. We think that buying and discovering the best board games in Canada should be simple, fun and affordable! We are pleased to offer local pickup for customers at our Mississauga location (Winston Churchill and 401), and reasonable shipping rates for customers across Canada.

We believe there is a game out there for everyone, regardless of age, interests or experience. Let us help you find that game and let your epic game nights begin!


The Team


Meet the passionate team of board gamers that make up Board Game Bandit!

Who Matt Sven
Role The Web Guy The Numbers Guy
All-Time Favourite Game Star Wars: Epic Duels TAC
Current Favourites Unmatched: Battle of LegendsLords of Hellas Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, Downforce
Who Megan Tiff 
Role The Shipping Guru The Creative Genius
All-Time Favourite Game Carcassonne Cranium
Current Favourites Sagrada, 7 Wonders Duel SantoriniUnlock!: Exotic Adventures
The Bandit Mascot
Who Wes The Bandit
Role The Rational Scientist Mascot & Bargain Hunter
All-Time Favourite Game Risk Legacy Axis & Allies
Current Favourites Clank!, Mansions of Madness JaipurBärenpark


The Location


As we mentioned above, Board Game Bandit found its humble beginnings in the west end of the Greater Toronto Area. Finding a local source for the great board games and card games that we love was a seemingly impossible task. So we all agreed, what better way to solve the problem than to setup a store ourselves? Conveniently located at the crossroads of the 401 and Winston Churchill Boulevard, our retail store is a haven for gamers and lovers of the hobby looking for games of all types, across all genres, for all skill levels.

 Board Game Bandit Store Interior

Part of our ongoing challenge as board game hobbyists was also the lack of online options for board games and card games. We decided to open an online store in addition to our retail shop to help spread the board game hobby to current and potential gamers across the entire country. We've already had many people reach out from many provinces and territories and are so happy that Board Game Bandit can be a part of every Canadian board gamer's hobby.


Support Local Businesses


Board Game Bandit is run by a group of friends that live and work in a local community just like yours. We appreciate all business we receive and do our best to make your shopping experience a memorable one (in a good way!). Due to COVID-19 protocols and to do our part in limiting the spread of the coronavirus, our retail storefront is open with limited capacity. When visiting our storefront, please adhere to social distancing practices and wear a face covering/mask at all times. Anyone that does not wish to comply with social distancing or mask-wearing is welcome to use our curbside pickup service.

Support Local Small Businesses


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