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Risk Legacy

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Avalon Hill
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Number of Players 3-5
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Rob Daviau, Chris Dupuis
Publisher Avalon Hill

How will you shape the world?

In Risk Legacy, each game you play will change every future game. A choice you make in Game 1 could come back to haunt you in Game 10. The risks you take in Risk Legacy are not like any in other board games. You and the other players will choose how your world evolves: its history, its cities, even its factions and how they battle. Cards and stickers come into play. Cards will be destroyed in play forever. You will not forget past betrayals - and neither does the game.

Unlock new rules and view events unfold as you play more games. No two games are EVER the same.

Play the game. Write history.

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