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Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure

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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Paul Dennen
Publisher Renegade Game Studios

Plunder your way to adventure in Clank!, the new deck-building board game.

Sneak into an angry dragon's mountain home to steal precious artifacts. Dig deeper to find a more valuable loot. Acquire cards for your deck and watch your thievish skills grow.

Be quiet and quick. One wrong-step and -- CLANK! Each careless sound brings the attention of the dragon, and each artifact stolen increases its rage. You can only enjoy your loot if you make it out of the depths alive!


  • Double-sided game board
  • 182 game cards (+4 rules summary cards)
  • Cloth "Dragon Bag"
  • 4 Thief meeples
  • 120 player Clank! cubes
  • 1 Dragon Rage meeple
  • 24 Dragon cubes
  • 32 gold piece tokens
  • 11 Major Secret tokens
  • 18 Minor Secret tokens
  • 7 Artifact tokens
  • 3 Crown tokens
  • 2 Backpack tokens
  • 2 Master Key tokens
  • 3 Monkey Idol tokens
  • 4 Mastery tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
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