Buy jigsaw puzzles online from the biggest brands in puzzling across all themes and piece counts!

The Puzzle Bandit is the puzzle-loving brother of the Board Game Bandit. Shop from our wide selection of jigsaw puzzles across the most popular brands in puzzling. Whether it's the wide variety of licensed themes like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Disney from Ravensburger, the gorgeous artwork of Cobble Hill puzzles, or the breathtaking, colourful photography featured in Eurographics puzzles, the Puzzle Bandit has you covered. If you shop for your puzzles by piece count, not to worry, Puzzle Bandit has a variety of puzzles to choose from; from easier 500 piece puzzles, to the most popular 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles, up to 2,500 piece puzzles and beyond! Our puzzles range in skill as well, with options for both kids and adults alike.

Since the Puzzle Bandit is connected to its board game counterpart, you can earn and redeem Bandit Bucks on every purchase. Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on puzzles or board games!

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