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Targi: The Expansion

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Number of Players 2
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Andreas Steiger
Publisher Kosmos
Base Game TARGI

The expansion of the tribe continues in Targi: The Expansion. With water as a new element, the tribe has more flexibility on how it will expand itself. More specifically, in the game water works like a joker, e.g., you can swap 2 water tokens for any 1 goods token. Many of the new tribe cards, which replace the set in the base game, giving players a choice to spend gold or water tokens, which can make it a little easier to build.

The Targia — a Tuareg woman — is a special pawn like the robber, but has a more beneficial effect for players. She starts in the reverse direction of the robber and moves each turn one edge card. When you put one of your Targi on the same card, you receive a favor: Either obtain a goods token of your choice or spend one good to reveal the top card from the draw pile and get what it shows. Now a less attractive edge card may be more interesting since the Targia offers an additional reward.

Finally, shifting sand cards give the players very strong instant advantages when they place a Targi on them — but since these shifting sands are put next to the central playing area, you lose an intersection on the central cards.

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