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Antidote: Lab Alliance

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Bellwether Games
Number of Players 3-9
Playtime 20-30 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Dennis Hoyle, Jonathan Logan Clark
Publisher Bellwether Games
Base Game Antidote

“DANGER, DANGER!” The unwavering emergency voice on the loudspeaker constantly reminds you again-and-again of the deadly airborne toxin contaminating your lab. If you’re going to survive, you will need to find the antidote…fast. The flash of the warning lights gives just enough visibility to find your teammates and compare notes about what the antidote could be, but you suddenly realize there may not be enough of the antidote for all of you. Will you be willing to give-up your dose so your teammates can survive?

Antidote: Lab Alliance expands the world of Antidote with five brand new ways to play including support for up to nine players, team-play, new turn actions and special cards, and sinister new Lab Romance characters.

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