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Yahtzee: Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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WS Game Company
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Number of Players 2-10
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 6+
Designer(s) Edwin S. Lowe
Publisher WS Game Company

Put your luck to the test with this blast from the past!

Packaged in a linen-bound, book-shaped box, this stunningly designed Yahtzee set marries classic fun with the aesthetic delights of a timeless heirloom.

It's exactly the same game you remember. Players will take turns rolling the five dice up to three times to try and rack up the most points possible.

Roll three of a kind to score up to 18 points. Roll four of a kind to score up to 24 points. Roll five of a kind to get a YAHTZEE and get 50 points.

The game is over once each category on each player's score sheet is filled in with either a score or a zero. Whoever has the highest grand total wins the game!

Featuring a deluxe removable rolling tray with a high quality rolling cup, dice keepers, and poker-style Yahtzee chips, this Vintage Bookshelf Edition of Yahtzee is sure to become a cherished game-night favorite for years to come.

  • Vintage Bookshelf Edition - Yahtzee
  • High quality book-box edition of the timeless Yahtzee game
  • Encourages math skills, strategy skills, family bonding
  • A timeless game-night treasure!
  • Features deluxe removable rolling tray with dice and premium scorebook with cover
  • Also features deluxe rolling cup and poker-style Yahtzee chips
  • Game is exactly like the original - Take turns rolling dice to try and rack up the most points
  • Players choose after their turn which category in which to place their score
  • Game is over once all categories are filled - Player with the highest score wins
  • Comes with fabric-wrapped box with integrated storage, deluxe removable dice rolling tray with dice keepers, premium rolling cup, scorebook, 4 pencils, 8 poker-style Yahtzee chips, 5 dice
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay
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