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What Do You Meme? Bigger Better Edition

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Number of Players 3-20
Playtime 30-90 Min
Suggested Ages 17+
Designer(s) Elie Ballas, Ben Kaplan, Elliot Tebele
Publisher Self-Published

At What Do You Meme?®, they do not believe "too much of a good thing" doesn't exist. And to celebrate that philosophy, they created the most beefed-up, turbo-charged, electrified, jam-packed, full-of-fun version of What Do You Meme? EVER. Introducing the What Do You Meme? Bigger Better Edition. Wrapped in sleek black packaging with gorgeous holographic letters, this game does much more than just look good on your coffee table: it contains all your favorite memes from the original, plus over a HUNDRED new hysterical cards! The best part? It is the same great price as the OG itself! Time to gather your funniest friends -- happy meme-ing!

  • Less is more? Nahhhh... the What Do You Meme? Bigger Better Edition contains all your faves from the OG game, plus over a hundred more cards!
  • Want real bang for your buck? This edition contains over a HUNDRED more cards (and more fun!) for the same price as the best-selling OG!
  • It is easy to play. Gather your funniest friends and family and take turns matching outrageously funny Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play every round. Funniest combo wins the round!
  • Comes with: 450 Caption Cards, 75 Photo Cards, 1 Sexy Easel, and Bonus Rules!
  • What Do You Meme? Bigger Better Edition is a great gift for a friend with great taste-- and an even better sense of humor.
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