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We're Doomed!

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Breaking Games
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Number of Players 4-10
Playtime 15 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Mike Horton
Publisher Breaking Games

We're doomed! The world is ending! We must act now if we want to survive!!! Players are the most powerful leaders in the world working together with up to nine others to build a starship. Time is short! The objective? Build and be on board a starship that escapes a dying world — or betray everyone to ensure your own survival. Seats on the starship are not guaranteed. We're Doomed! is a fast, timed, panic-inducing game of international collaboration, retaliation, diplomacy, conspiracy, and blowing each other up for fun!

It is not the 11th hour anymore. It is the last hour. Do we have the time? How many seats are available? Who will secure a seat? Will the ship even get finished? During the Action Phase, players will take one action in turn order to produce or steal either Resource or Influence tokens. Resource tokens are used to build the escape ship. The larger the ship, the more players can escape to victory at the end of the game. Influence tokens determine who gets to board the ship first at the end of the game. Each civilization excels at one of the standard actions.

During the Contribution Phase, there is no fixed turn order. Players are able to negotiate as they pledge their Resources to building the escape ship by contributing Resource tokens. The player who provides the most Resources is awarded 1 Influence and gets to draw the event card for that round. Every card is one of one hundred unique and ruthless event cards that change the game drastically — introducing new restrictions, secret missions, ethical dilemmas, physical challenges, robots, aliens, lizard-people and more. The player who drew the event card then takes an action, initiating the next Action Phase. The game continues in this fashion (actions, contributions, event) until time is up!

After 15 minutes, play ends. Time to get on the starship. Who gets on first? The players with the most Influence gets on the ship first. Once full, the ship takes off and the remaining players are left behind to die. Watch Out! Resources can also be used to nuke a player, eliminating them from the game completely, so watch the other players’ Resource token stockpiles!

Witness humanity at its worst and finally come to terms with the truth you have known all this time— we're doomed!

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