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Waste Knights: Second Edition - Tales from the Outback

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Ares Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 90-180 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Marek Mydel, Paweł Szewc
Publisher Ares Games
Base Game Waste Knights: Second Edition

The Waste is in turmoil. New challenges arise as old technologies, strange cults and pre-Scourge secrets are back to haunt the survivors of the apocalypse. From the war-torn west to the struggling east, inhabitants of ruined Australia are longing for a moment of respite.

Will you be the one able to grant it? Will you face the unknown threats to demonstrate human superiority? Or maybe you will take the opportunity and grab what you can before everything goes to hell? Time to demonstrate your mettle against fearsome enemies and impossible dangers. Time to show everyone that your deserve to be a Waste Knight!


  • 4 new Knights (Reverend Evans (Priest), Frank Strzelecki (Judge), Lisa Gomez (Scout), Warragul (Mercenary) with components (miniatures, sheets and upgrade cards)
  • 4 new Vehicles to get to exactly where you want to go
  • The Guide and the Book of Tales containing 4 new adventures, from co-op ones such as Rise of the Red Lord to competitive race found in Deadly Cargo along with their special cards, tokens and markers
  • New rules containing Landmarks for even better immersion in the setting, Parts enabling you to pimp up your ride, and City Tasks that provide you with more open-world gameplay
  • New Wasteland Cards, tokens and markers for more variety whenever you ride out to the Waste
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