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Warp's Edge

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Number of Players 1
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Scott Almes
Publisher Renegade Game Studios

You are Taylor Minde, a rookie pilot of the Force’s Outer Rim. After a critical battle you are stranded far away from your fleet, lost and alone. With resources running low you begin to jump through warp gate after warp gate hoping to find the right combination home.

But your home is not what you find. The warp takes you further out in the galaxy than the Force has ever been. You are deep behind enemy lines and find yourself on the edge of a blackhole... and right on the doorstep of the enemy’s mighty mothership.

You have a moment of bravery and head towards the enemy’s fleet. Maybe you can get through them and destroy the mothership... but before you have a chance to react the enemy is already upon you. Lasers open fire. Photon cannons pierce through the blackness of space. A moment later your shields are gone, your laser battery empty, and your hull damaged. Your powerless ship falls apart as you fall from the enemy and into the black hole below.

Just as your ship crests gravity’s edge you and infinite blackness takes hold... you are back where you began. The enemy fleet is ahead of you. The enemy mothership looming in the distance. And, most importantly, your laser battery is full again. You have a second opportunity at the edge of space and now you know what’s coming...

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