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UNDO: Long Live the King

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Pegasus Spiele
Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 45-90 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Michael Palm, Lukas Zach
Publisher Pegasus Spiele

The Royal Banquet, September 1256: Despite all the sumptuous dishes, tension fills the air of the great hall. Numerous guests accepted the invitation to the funeral service for the late queen, and now await the mourning king’s eulogy. After all, he is now without an heir to the throne – and many of those present can sense an opportunity for themselves. When the king finally rises, there is hushed silence. He raises his goblet and lets his keen gaze move from face to face. “Few of you are here to mourn my beloved wife with me,” the begins king, and takes a sip from the goblet. Suddenly he starts to cough and puts his hand to his throat. He collapses, knocking food off the table. A murmur ripples through the crowd as orders are shouted frantically for aid. The king is carried out of the hall in a hurry, and moments of dismay pass. Then the king's personal doctor emerges and announces to all, "The king is dead!"

In UNDO: Long Live the King, players will learn the rules and encounter the starting situation of the case on the first few cards, which also guide them through the setup. Once the setup is finished, players carry out nine time jumps. Each jump takes them to one independent moment from the past and allows them to change that moment in one of three ways, which may change the starting situation for better or for worse. The players will need to discuss what they know and try to come up with theories about the story, using the clues they gather from the different time jumps. Only by continuously adapting their theories and making the correct choices will they successfully change fate and save the life of the king.

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