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Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition – Prophecy of Kings

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Number of Players 3-8
Playtime 240-480 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Dane Beltrami
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Base Game Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition

The Prophecy of Kings expansion is full of new content for Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition). The galaxy has grown much larger as seven never-before-seen factions enter the game, each boasting its own unique strengths and weaknesses, from the gene-altering powers of the Mahact to the watchful guard of the Argent Flight, to the mysterious and ancient Empyrean. And new factions are not the only way the galaxy has grown larger! 40 new system and hyperlane tiles bring new planets and obstacles to the map, and with two new colors of player components included in the box, you can play Twilight Imperium with up to eight players.

But that is only a small piece of what you'll find in this expansion! Offering even more flavor to your chosen species, a wealth of unique leader cards arrive to support every faction in the game, giving you powers to unlock during the game. Lumbering mechs stomp onto the battlefield as powerful new ground forces with different special abilities for every faction. As you venture into the unknown regions of space, brand-new exploration decks seed new planets and the void of space with new discoveries, including fragments you can combine to build awe-inspiring relics. On top of this, Prophecy of Kings Has new action cards, agenda cards, objectives, technologies, promissory notes, legendary planets, and more.

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