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25th Century
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Reiner Knizia
Publisher 25th Century

The Great King Tutankhamun has passed, and preparations are being made to fill his tomb with artifacts that will go with him to the afterlife.

You are one of the priests and priestesses responsible for gathering artifacts for King Tut's tomb from all over Egypt. Once all the parts of each artifact have been found, that artifact is put in the tomb, and the priests who took the most credit for acquiring it donate the funds needed for its procurement. Along the way, enchanted idols from the Gods may help you in your journey. By obtaining artifacts, you rid yourself of your own wealth in order to pay the highest tribute to the late King Tut. If you can be the first player to completely disperse your wealth, you will the new Pharaoh so much that he'll appoint you to the highest priestly office.

Prepare your offerings and invoke the aid of the mighty Egyptian Gods as you wind your way down the Nile toward the tomb of the great King Tut. Will you win the favor of the new Pharaoh and be made the next High Priest of Egypt?

Tutankhamun features familiar gameplay from earlier versions of this game design, while adding new Egyptian god powers and implementing a modified scoring system.

To begin, shuffle the artifact and god idol tiles and arrange them in a snake-like pattern that emulates the winding of the river Nile. Players begin at one end of the line, taking turns choosing any tile in front of them along the Nile while never being able to claim a tile they have already passed. Multiple sets of scoring tiles (three sets each of 8, 6, 4, and 2 points), along with ten 1-point scarab ring tiles, can be claimed. When the last tile of any set has been claimed, the player holding the most tiles from that set gets the number of points listed, while the player holding the second most tiles scores half that amount. Whoever has the most scarab tiles when the last one is collected gets 5 bonus points.

Tutankhamun comes with two copies each of five different Egyptian god idol tiles. When you obtain one of these, you immediately trigger its ability to manipulate tiles on the path, tiles in player's collections, tiles in the Underworld (i.e., the collection of bypassed tiles), or scarab ring tiles in your collection.

When someone reaches zero on the score track at the end of their turn, the game ends and that player will be proclaimed the new High Priest of Egypt!

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