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Academy Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 90-120 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Jan Kirschner
Publisher Academy Games

In Tudor, players are a Lord in the court of King Henry VIII. Here you will be positioning your Courtiers among the influential Lords who grant you actions that let you maneuver your family members to high title offices and gain their respective Rings of prestige and power.

Players will take turns placing their Courtiers into the three Audience Chambers, each with unique actions. Then players will place their one Lord in a Chamber of their choice. Only Courtiers in an Audience Chamber along with any player's Lord present will be able to use that Chamber’s actions. But be careful, as there are only a limited number of seats available in each Chamber and competing families can push you out of a Chamber!

Then all player Courtiers, in Chambers with a Lord, will take turns performing ONE of the two Actions in their Chambers. The powerful Lords can also take both actions in the Chamber they occupy. Chamber Actions let you gain Court Cards and to move your Courtiers in the Throne Room onto spaces with square Court Tokens that represent various faction interests and demands at the court. You will collect these Court Tokens, which are one way to gain Prestige at court.

When you reach the top space of a Court Office in the Royal Court, you gain that title - represented by a Ring. Players' Rings are placed and displayed on their individual Player Hand Screens. Positioning your Rings on different fingers will project your interests, intent, and inclinations to the other players, because different positions enhance specific Actions that your Courtiers take in the Audience Chambers!

You must always be vigilant, since another players can seize your Court Office, kicking your Office Holder out in disgrace and then taking one of YOUR Rings!

The player with the most prestige at game end is the winner!

In each game of Tudor, you will decide to play one of many scenario cards, each with their own special rules that can alter the game in dramatic ways. In addition, pick two different scoring cards to vary gameplay, creating a strategic experience with exceptional replayability.

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