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Tsuro of the Seas: Veterans of the Seas

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Calliope Games
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Number of Players 2-8
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) 0
Publisher Calliope Games
Base Game Tsuro of the Seas

The forces of nature can be as devastating as the anger of the daikaiju! With Tsuro of the Seas: Veterans of the Seas, an expansion for Tsuro of the Seas, you will be able to include more excitement to your game with the Tsunami (Tidal Wave) and Uzushio (Whirlpool) tiles. This tile set also gives you hope, however, as the Taihou (Cannons) and the Mystic Portal (Magic) may help you to overcome the devastation and be victorious!


  • 4 Taihou tiles - Cannons
  • 2 Tsunami tiles – Tidal Wave
  • 1 Mystic Portal tile - Magic
  • 1 Uzushio tile – Whirl Pool
  • Rules
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