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Trickerion: Dawn of Technology

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APE Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Richard Amann, Viktor Peter
Publisher APE Games
Base Game(s) Trickerion: Legends of Illusion, Trickerion: Dahlgaard's Academy

Dawn of Technology comes with two modules for Trickerion: the Contraptions, and the Signature Tricks.

Thanks to Magoria's recent technological achievements, Magicians may now enhance their Workshops with up to four Contraptions, unique to their magic school. Contraptions can be built as a Workshop Action, for the cost of 1 Coin per Contraption already in place. They may be used any time during a player's turn by turning them to their inactive side, and receiving a bonus based on the player's Magic school - in the above example, the Mechanical Contraption, the Generator, supplies the city with electricity, netting its owner a steady income of Coins.

Each Contraption has a stronger effect than the one below it. At the end of a round, every Contraption with enough Shards next to it can be reactivated and used again next turn - this follows the similar principle as the Magician Powers module (which is playable with Contraptions). The highest-level Contraptions are so breathtaking that simply reactivating them will give you some Fame!

The Contraptions module comes with 16 Contraptions with 4 unique illustrations, printed on 3mm blackcore cardboard, and 4 board extensions.

When you learn a Trick from your own school, you may decide to learn your Signature Trick instead (if you meet its Fame threshold). Every Signature Trick “upgrades” a Trick from the original set: for example, Professor Bernard can learn his Legendary Shark Tank signature trick instead of the “ordinary” Water Tank Escape. If a Signature Trick is learned, its standard version is removed from the deck. And if an opponent has already learned its standard version, your Signature Trick no longer has a Fame Threshold!

Signature Tricks have the same component requirements as their standard version, but they also need Contraptions to function: the higher their Fame threshold, the more Contraptions you have to use when you prepare them. However, in return, not only do these Tricks have better numbers (higher Yield, more Trick Markers, etc.), but they also have a special power: for example, The Legendary Shark Tank’s Trick markers may be aligned freely in the Theater, meaning that you’ll always be able to create Links with it.

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