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Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War

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Gamelyn Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 20-60 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Scott Almes
Publisher Gamelyn Games
Base Game Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition)

Tiny Epic Defenders The Dark War, an expansion to Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition), is the newest installment in Chronicles of Aughmoore. It introduces new Heroic characters such as the Lionkin Charioteer and the Birdfolk Shadow Walker. It also introduces new Epic Foes, new Dire Enemies, and new Artifacts, but more importantly it introduces new and exciting features that keep players making hard decisions from the edge of their seats.

New features include a Campaign Mode, with Enemy Generals, Skills that Heroes can learn, and Advanced Regions and Caravans.

Caravans represent the broken homes of villagers during this dark time and are spread across all the Regions. Players are tasked with the additional challenge of rescuing these Caravans and escorting them safely to the Capital City before they are can beat the Epic Foe.

Skills are useful abilities players can task to their Heroes and require Experience Points to activate. Experience Points are now earned during play by making important decisions that help the party reach their objectives.

The Campaign Mode plays like an evolving gauntlet challenge, where players must play through the game many times facing Generals at the intervals instead of the regular Epic Foe. The different abilities players will have at their means, as well as the threats they face, are unique to each Campaign and change with the choices players make during each Campaign. If players can stay alive long enough, they will face an Epic Foe at the conclusion of the Campaign.

The Advanced Regions brings new threats and also new abilities to help the players in The Dark War. These new threats and abilities are presented in 3D constructs such as a giant Tree Heroes can hide in, a flying Manticore Heroes can ride, or mysterious Sandstorms! They play a large part of the evolving Campaign Mode. Each Advanced Region features a dark, harmful, side and a light, aiding, side. As player move through the Campaign Mode, they will work to restore the dark regions to their light side. Making the correct choices to restore these Regions and rescue the Caravans are important to achieving victory in Campaign Mode.

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