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Time Bomb Evolution

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Number of Players 4-6
Playtime 25-30 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Yusuke Sato
Publisher IELLO

タイムボムエボリューション (TimeBomb Evolution) is derived from the game TimeBomb.

In the game, players will be secretly assigned a role which is either a terrorist or a SWAT officer. Then cards are dealt to every player. They look at their cards and randomly put the cards face-down in front of them. SWAT win together if they deactivate the time bomb by revealing all of the SUCCESS cards.

Every turn, a player pick a card in front of another player and reveal it. If it is a SUCCESS card, SWATs are closer to winning. Otherwise it will be a threat card, and its threat effect is activated according to its color. Terrorists will win together if four threats of the same color are revealed.

Players may discuss which card should be revealed, but they should be noted that terrorists may be misleading SWATs.

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