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The Thing: Norwegian Outpost

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Number of Players 1-8
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Giuseppe Cicero, Andrea Crespi
Publisher Pendragon Game Studio
Base Game The Thing: The Board Game

This expansion for The Thing - The Boardgame lets you experience the events that happened at Thule Station, the Norwegian station where it all started! As for the 1982 version, this expansion lets you relive the tensest moments from the story, transporting you into the cinematic film!

The core element of the game is based on the emulation properties of the Thing, which hides its identity under a blanket of fake humanity, but with substantial differences in the way they interact with the game and with your feelings.

Here are the main points of the expansion:

  • New board, new characters, and new materials.
  • New end game condition represented by the escape of the dog that will arrive at Outpost 31. IF this occurs, you may play your next game of the 1982 version with a pack leader dog (a dog that behaves differently throughout the game).
  • A brand new element in the game: teeth! The Thule Station crew find that the Alien cannot assimilate and duplicate metal parts, so dental fillings become a way to find out if a person is definitely human, but not if they are alien. The test with the wire and the flamethrower disappears and flashlights are introduced with which it will be possible to carry out a test and look at the teeth of the other characters, checking for the presence or lack of fillings.
  • A new location is now available for the Thing: The UFO! It represents the last chance of escape for the Thing, as in the movie. The final confrontation with any remaining humans will occur here. Of course, this is only an option, and much like the dog escape mentioned above, it doesn't necessarily happen! Everything will depend on your choices, as you can win or lose in many ways!

In the 2011 film, as soon as they figured out what's going on, people's behavior becomes more selfish, trying by all means to save their own lives. The developers therefore decided to try to include the possibility of a solitary escape, an element that will bring the level of distrust to the maximum! This also introduces new mechanics, such as the ability to voluntarily sabotage vehicles even if you are human.

The expansion contains: a new board, new characters, new cards and new tokens.

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