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The Sherlock Files: Vol II – Curious Capers

In stock
Number of Players 1-8
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Martí Lucas Feliu, Josep Izquierdo Sánchez
Publisher Indie Boards & Cards

Are you a modern mastermind sleuth?

The Sherlock Files: Curious Capers comes with three new confounding cases for you to solve. First, you will investigate the family, friends, and business partners of a recently deceased don. Next, you will uncover how a group of devious jewel thieves and their loot mysteriously vanished into thin air. Finally, you will find out the truth behind a disastrous laboratory fire.

Examine clues to determine which are relevant to the case and which are not. Share what you think relevant with your detective partners. Which theories will you follow? How will you do compared to the world’s greatest detective? Work as a group to solve each case and find out!

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