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The Road to Canterbury

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Number of Players 2-3
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Alf Seegert
Publisher Eagle-Gryphon Games

Greed, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Luxury, Idleness, and Envy – the infamous "Seven Deadly Sins". For those who are faithful, they instill horror. For you, on the other hand, they present an excellent business opportunity!

In The Road to Canterbury, you are a medieval pardoner who sells certificates delivering sinners from the eternal penalties brought on by these Seven Deadly Sins. You make your money by peddling these counterfeit pardons to Pilgrims traveling on the road to Canterbury. Perhaps you can convince the Knight that his pride must be forgiven? Surely the Friar's greed will get you a few coins? The Miller's wrath and the Monk's gluttony are on full display and demand pardoning! The Wife of Bath regales herself in luxury, the Man-of-Law languishes in idleness, and that Prioress has envy written all over her forehead. And those naughty stories these Pilgrims tell each other are so full of iniquity they would make a barkeep blush! Pardoning all these wickedness should be easy money, right?

Not exactly. For you to succeed as a pardoner, you willl need to do more than just sell forged pardons for quick cash. To keep your services in high demand, you will actually need to lead these Pilgrims into temptation yourself! Perhaps some phony relics might be useful? There is also one huge catch. The Seven Deadly Sins live up to their name: every sin that a Pilgrim commits brings Death one step nearer, and a dead Pilgrim pays no pardoners!

So much to forgive, so little time. Will you be able to outwit your opponents by pardoning more of these Pilgrims' sins before they die or complete their pilgrimage to Canterbury?

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