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The Resistance: Hostile Intent

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Number of Players 5-10
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Don Eskridge
Publisher Indie Boards & Cards
Base Game The Resistance

Hostile Intent is an expansion to The Resistance hosting three modules.

Hunter Module: The battle between resistance and imperial is even more intense. It is no longer enough to target facilities in missions - the target has become personal as sides seek to neutralize their opponent's leaders. In this module both the resistance and spies must identify a certain individual among the opposing team to win. Hunters introduces many new game concepts that offer a whole new level of deduction and deceit into The Resistance.

Reverser Module: Reversers have the ability to alter the results of any mission – in the hands of the resistance this can make a doomed mission succeed, or turn sure victory into defeat. A very interesting and possibly chaotic twist that is certain to change your meta game forever.

Inquisitor Module: The Inquisitor is an optional player skill first seen in Avalon. The player with the Inquisitor will be able to look at the affiliation of another player and is an easy way to ensure every game is full of interest twists and turns as the Inquisitor uncovers the truth (at least their version of the truth).

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