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The Red Dragon Inn 8: Pub Crawl

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SlugFest Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Jordan Mathis, Dave Joria, Kevin Adelsberger, Jennifer Kitzman, Devon Lieske, Michael Foster, Mike Cooling, Jeff Morrow, Roy Fisher, Ryan Tur, Sam Waller, Wesley Fader, William Glenn, Erin Wong
Publisher SlugFest Games

The Red Dragon Inn characters bar hop to other taverns and inns of the town (The Black Dragon Depths, The Harmonious Cup, Lucky's Rolling Barrel, The Scurvy Dog, Startusk's), finding new drinks and characters (the tavern owners: Father Farai, Lucky the Scofflaw, Nerodia the Petrifier, Phyll Startusk, Samantha the Bookie). Every pub adds its own twist to the rules. Whenever a player reveals a Drink that contains one or more Chasers, the party pawn moves to a different open tavern after the Drink and any other pending effects are finished. Every tavern has an event that is triggered as the party arrives there. It also contains its own Drink deck, and once that is exhausted, the tavern closes. The party crawls back to the Red Dragon Inn once all other taverns have closed.

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