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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Hunt for the Dreadnaught

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Number of Players 1-2
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Caleb Grace
Publisher Fantasy Fight Games

Take to the high seas of Middle-earth with The Hunt for the Dreadnaught, a scenario pack for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! News has reached your ears of the deadly Corsairs of Umbar. The whispers say that the Corsairs have finished the construction of the monstrous Dreadnaught, and this powerful warship now roams the coasts. Only Middle-earth’s bravest heroes have a chance to seek out and sink the Dreadnaught.

This scenario pack comes with a full new standalone scenario, challenging you and your fellow heroes with a maritime adventure. You can play this scenario normally, with a single group of up to four players, or you can challenge the full might of the Dreadnaught in Epic Multiplayer Mode with multiple groups of players. Will you save the oceans of Middle-earth from the depredations of the Corsairs?

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