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The Lord of the Rings Adventure Book Game (Minor Damage)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discounted due to minor damage to the box. Our Dents & Dings products are not ideal for the collector looking for a mint copy of a game, but for those that are less concerned about the box appearance. All damage is superficial and has not impacted the game components in any way. All Dents & Dings products are final sale and are not eligible for return.

Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 20-160 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Jason Little, Marcus Ross
Publisher Ravensburger

In The Lord of the Rings Adventure Book Game, ​​Sauron's shadow has fallen over Middle-earth, and the One Ring must be destroyed. In order to accomplish their daunting quest, players need to work together to help cherished Lord of the Rings characters journey from The Shire to the fires of Mordor, all while avoiding the Eye of Sauron.

This third title in Ravensburger's "adventure book" line is broken into eight "chapters" that are experienced over eight different board game "pages". Each new chapter gives puzzles and challenges that players need to overcome to advance the story. The game allows for flexible play for solo or co-operative family gaming, so players can pick their style of adventure, and each chapter takes approximately twenty minutes to play.

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