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The Liberation of Rietburg

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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 40 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Gerhard Hecht
Publisher Kosmos

In this stand-alone game set in the fantasy world of Andor, Rietburg Castle has been captured by evil creatures. Without delay, you — the Heroes of Andor — take on the task of rescuing old King Brandur’s fortress and defending its remaining inhabitants. But time is of the essence as the dragon Tarok is already on the way to destroy the stronghold once and for all. The prophecy foretells that you can only prevent its destruction if you can accomplish the four tasks. But what tasks are they? Must you satisfy the Fire Spirit or kindle the Hadrian Fire? Should you free the prisoners from the creatures’ dungeons or submit to the will of the old Skral witch? You will need to play to find out.

A stand-alone game in the popular, award-winning Legends of Andor series of games, set in the fantasy world of Andor.
Rietburg Castle has been taken over by evil creatures and it's up to you and your teammates to take back the castle and protect its inhabitants.
Great introduction to the Andor series, and a quick play time that is perfect for families.
A cooperative challenge that will appeal both to devoted Andor fans and newcomers alike!

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