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The Lady and the Tiger

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Jellybean Games
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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 15-20 Min
Suggested Ages 6+
Designer(s) José Manuel Alvarez, Kevin Carmichael, Peter C. Hayward, JR Honeycutt, Ken Maher, Philip Tootill, Allysha Tulk
Publisher Jellybean Games

Five games in one box! The Lady and the Tiger is a collection of micro-games. Five unique games in eighteen beautifully-drawn cards:

  • Doors: 2 player deduction game
  • Favor: 2-4 player bidding game
  • Hoard: solo player maze game
  • Labyrinth: 2 player maze game
  • Traps: 2-6 plater bluffing game


  • 33 Tarot-size cards
  • 25 gloss gems
  • Rulebook
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