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The 1990's 1000 Piece White Mountain Puzzle

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White Mountain
Number of Pieces 1,000
Difficulty Intermediate
Completed Measurements 30" x 24"
Artist James Mellett
Publisher White Mountain

The 1990s. This 90s puzzle from artist Jim Mellett is another winner. The puzzle art is a collage that shows the triumphs and tragedies of the decade, from Perot to Potter, Waco to the World Wide Web, Sadaam to Seinfeld and Doogie to Dogg to Dumb & Dumber. This puzzle is a great companion to the 60's , 70's , 80's and New Millennium puzzles, so be sure to collect them all.1000 piece jigsaw puzzle: Completed size 30" X 24" How many icons and events of the 1990's do you recognize?

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