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Ten Suns

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Medieval Lords
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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Dominic Michael H.
Publisher Medieval Lords

Award Winner in the global design competition World Original Design Contest 2019!

In the beginning, there were only you and the other ancient Primordials. Then the dawning of the Gods arrived, and more celestial beings came into reality. It was then that the Jade Emperor of the heavenly realm produced ten rebellious children who turned themselves into scorching suns in a bid to end the world. This was a good thing, as you drew solar power from the ten suns, making you invincible.

Unfortunately, a mortal hero called Hou Yi appeared and began shooting the Suns down one by one with his golden bow. With the destruction of each Sun, your power fades. You realize your throne of absolute power is at risk. In order to stay at the top, you must quickly form alliances with the Gods, construct grand palaces in your name, influence lands to worship you and repel mythical monsters to gain prestige - all before the suns disappear forever! Welcome to the game Ten Suns!

This is a 'blind bidding' game that revolves around the legendary mythical archer from China, Hou Yi, who shot down 9 Suns and saved China from scorching heat. Players are Primordials who get their energy from the 10 Suns. Before the Suns all disappear, players will rush to gain enough prestige to secure a permanent position among the Gods. The game features famous locations in China such as the Great Wall, Xi An, and many others. It also features other Gods and legends of ancient China, such as Chang'E and the Jade Rabbit.

At the start of each turn players have a specific amount of energy to bid with, towards an ever-changing pool of cards known as the Mortal Plane. This amount matches the current number of Suns in the sky. However every time Hou Yi appears, more Suns will be shot down and players will have lesser and lesser energy to bid with. Players can draw on other forms of energy, such as Lunar energy from the moon, or other Gods - basically engine building.

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