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Teabbles: that bubble tea game

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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 15-25 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Jolene Yang
Publisher Self-Published

Teabbles is a card game where you get to have a different sort of fun with the most-loved beverage – boba! Assume the role of a boba store owner and create drinks by having all the ingredients each drink requires. Use action cards to boost the gameplay with various functions like stealing someone’s drink, scope out the competition, replenishing your inventory, and much more! There are 3 gameplay modes in one set: Original Play, Bluff, and Boba the Builder. Pick a variant to suit your cravings, just like your boba orders!

In Original Play, match the ingredients to the ones shown on the drink card to fulfil drink orders, then draw reward cards after you have completed them. Deftly dodge your competitors’ sabotage tactics, and be the first to score 11 points worth of drinks.

In Bluff, think of it as Original Play, but with a twist! Inspired by a wrong order, how would you know if the ingredients used to make a drink are correct? No one knows until a player gets called out. Will the temptation of yummy rewards risk a game of lies and a ruined reputation? The first to finish 5 drinks will end the game, but the one with the highest points will win.

In Boba the Builder, manage and create your inventory to fulfil the market demand for boba! Peek over at your competitors and anticipate the drinks they intend to make. Put a stop to their plan, or make calculated moves to snatch up all the drinks when everyone is least expecting it!

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