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Tawantinsuyu: The Golden Age

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Dávid Turczi
Publisher Board&Dice

Pachacuti’s leadership allows the people of Cuzco to build their empire faster, better, and further than ever before possible. A new class of citizenry emerges: nobles, who support their great leader with their wisdom and riches. If you hope to be Pachacuti’s successor and maintain the level of prosperity currently known to our people, keep these nobles happy and construct them palaces worthy of their status! Sounds of your constructions echo far and wide beyond the mountain ranges of Antikuna, inspiring newcomers to travel east to bask in your glory. While the priests debate whether they should follow the path of Ruruy (growth, fruit bearing) or Simpa (braiding, entwining) to worship the sun god Inti, your advisors tell you to look to the four suyu (region) you have conquered. Not just for plunder, but to learn from these vassal nations, and use their expertise to bring further glory to the Inca. Do you have the skills it takes to be the leader of the Realm of the Four Parts in this Golden Age?

This expansion includes 4 modules:

  • The “Way of the Sun” module adds two alternative layouts for the Sun Temple.
  • The “Vassals of the Inca” module adds a new secondary action that lets you utilize the specialties of the other nations your armies (or other players’ armies) conquer.
  • The “Nobles and Newcomers” module is the largest of the new modules, and it adds a number of new features: a new Building type, newcomer workers, and several new Passive Buildings
  • The “Pachamama” module is an improved and streamlined solo opponent for the game, based on (and also replacing) Axomamma.
  • Additionally, this expansion includes 8 new Passive Buildings, that can be added to the game regardless of playing with any of the modules or not.
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