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Tavern Masters

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Dann Kriss Games
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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 20-30 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Dann Kriss
Publisher Dann Kriss Games

Manage the best fantasy tavern in the village! Entertain the customers! Earn your gold!

Every player is a new tavern owner, setting up shop in a thirsty village full of thugs and soldiers, mages and nobles! There are a few ways to play Tavern Masters: competitive, co-operative, or single player

During the Day Phase, players will play Tavern cards from their hand with Gold to build up their tavern, so that during Night Phase more Patrons will come to their tavern and spend more gold.

One key feature in Tavern Masters is Trading. Players can trade goods and staff cards from their hand or their tavern, which makes for both a fun game dynamic and great player interaction.

Another fun dynamic is that turns are taken simultaneously during each Phase, resulting in no "player down-time". Also, there is no "player elimination" in this game.

In the base game of Tavern Masters, there are no "take that" cards, or cards which could negatively impact another player directly. This makes for far less tense game-play for players who do not enjoy looking over their shoulder each turn at who will attack or betray them.

For players who do prefer more of the "take that" card play interaction, there is the Dirty Deeds Expansion, which adds in nasty tricks to play on the other tavern owners. The Dirty Deeds Expansion is mainly for Competitive Play mode.

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