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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 15-30 MIn
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Edmund McMillen
Publisher Studio71

From designer Edmund McMillen comes Tapeworm, a game in which players compete to build tapeworms and empty their hands of tiles (represented in the form of cards).

The game begins with the starting tile being laid on the table, which depicts the kinds of tapeworms stitched together. The first turn is either determined randomly or by who resembles a worm the most. On a player's turn they draw and lay down matching tiles, which continues until a matching head segment is played, thereby completing the tapeworm. Whichever player ends up with an empty hand first wins the game.

There are special mechanics that impact a player's progress, as well as cards intended to hinder the efforts of opponents. These cards include: Cut, sever a worm segment in play; Peek, draw a card and replace it with another card from someone's hand; Hatch, force an opponent to draw a card from the deck; Swap, look at an opponent's hand and decide if you want to trade cards; and Dig, draw a card from the deck and discard one from your hand. If a player creates a fully-connected ring of cards, it is identified as a Ringworm, allowing them to discard two cards from their hand as a bonus.

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