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Talisman (Revised 4th Edition): The Firelands Expansion

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Pegasus Spiele
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Samuel Bailey
Publisher Pegasus Spiele
Base Game Talisman: Revised 4th Edition

A new peril arises in the realm with The Firelands expansion for Talisman (revised 4th edition). The legendary Ifrit have coem back to exact fiery vengeance on the land of Talisman. The Ifrit's inferno will scorch the land, burning away players' resources and setting entire regions ablaze. Players must hurry to battle this terrible threat since only the Crown of Command can truly extinguish the Ifrit's flames. Only the greatest of heroes will rise from the flames to finish the quest across The Firelands.

Talisman: The Firelands comes with four new characters: the Dervish, the Warlord, the Nomad, and the Jin Blooded. New terrain cards reshape the land in the wake of the Ifrit's destruction, and three brand new alternative ending cards offer players different ways to engage in the endgame.

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