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Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

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Awaken Realms
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Krzysztof Piskorski, Marcin Świerkot
Publisher Awaken Realms

Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon is an unforgettable, solo or cooperative adventure experience for up 4 players. Blending Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology with a unique vision, it lets you to impact the game world in deep and meaningful ways. A deep, branching storyline lets you to tackle problems in different ways, ensuring no two games play alike. Difficult decisions or harrowing choices lurk behind every corner and seemingly minor tasks may reverberate with major long-term consequences.

In a land slowly disappearing into the Wyrdness and torn apart by conflict; surviving each day is a challenge on its own. Sickness, starvation, violent weather, and random incidents all conspire to end your journey. Guardian Menhirs, that ensured safe travel throughout the realm, are slowly going dark turning simple logistics into an involving riddle. To overcome these challenges, your character will develop along several conflicting lines, such as Brutality / Empathy or Practicality / Spirituality. These traits unlock a rich selection of mutually exclusive skills and lead to different deck-building strategies, making character advancement meaningful and deep.

The character you develop will be tested during dozens of combat and non-combat encounters. Sometimes you need to brute force your way, but often diplomacy might be a better option. Regardless of whether you fight with your strength or your wits, our unique dice-less encounter system makes resolving each conflict fun and exciting, while keeping you immersed in the game.

In Avalon, there’s a legend behind every stone and every tree. All locations have their own rich stories and secrets to find. Places and characters are often much more than they initially seem. As you slowly put all the pieces of the puzzle together, the land will always have a surprise waiting for you just around the corner. Many secrets can be found only after several games. Created by one of the best polish fantasy authors, Krzysztof Piskorski, the story of Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon pushes the boundaries of non-linear narrative, building upon the rich experience Awaken Realms has infusing ambitious stories with excellent board game mechanics and striking visuals.

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