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Z-MAN Games
Number of Players 1-2
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Shadi Torbey
Publisher Z-MAN Games

The mad Fire Elemental lord is out to send the dream forest but in flames. Attacking in waves using Fire Elementals, your only defense are trees and fountains plus those animals brave enough to offer help before scurrying away to safety. Using a unique drafting system and combining it with a tower defense game, will you be able to ensure your forest remains green?

Sylvion is a tower-defense type game where attacks come down four rows and in waves. You create a deck using a unique drafting process and play cards from your hand by paying with other cards in your hand. You can play cards to the rows such as fountains and trees or play animals for immediate effects or to manipulate the enemy decks of cards. When all the waves are completed, you must have kept the heart of the Sylvion verdant, or else the whole forest of the Oniverse will be destroyed.

This game can be played in an introductory style, advanced mode, and offers two expansions and an appendix for further challenges and complexity.

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