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Sword & Sorcery: Myths of the Arena (Preorder)

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Ares Games
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 60-150 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Simone Romano, Nunzio Surace
Publisher Ares Games
Base Game Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles

Myths of the Arena gives endless challenges for Heroes of any Soul rank, thanks to 4 different playing modes.

You can play Myths of the Arena as a co-op quest using the "Gods of the Arena" playing mode - a series of connected missions/challenges of increasing difficulty, culminating in your fight with the Legends of the Arena, to win epic treasures.

But you can also use this expansion to enjoy with your Sword & Sorcery Heroes and Enemies using 3 bonus playing modes:

  • Lords of Endless Pain, where you see how long can you hold your ground against an infinite horde of blood-thirsty enemies.
  • Kings of the Pit, where your challenge is to conquer the sacred altars and protect them.
  • Clash of the Heroes, where for the first time Heroes can fight against each other in duels - one vs. one, alone with a mercenary at youir side, or team vs. team.


  • Nemean Lion, in two different forms- a red Enemy and a Master enemy;
  • Cerberus, the infernal creature from the world of Black Rose Wars, also in two different forms- a red Enemy or a Master enemy;
  • 15 new Cards - Events, Traps and Treasures.
  • 12 new Map tiles to create the legendary Arena of Talon, in a "day" and "night" version, including the 4 corner "gladiators' pits," creating different setups for different challenges. The tiles are compatible with normal S&S tiles to so you can also make custom missions.
  • 6 double-sided Trap overlays, to develop 12 different lethal effects in the arena - whirling blades, fire pits, ice traps, sharp spears, and more!
  • Myths of the Arena can be played in the Ancient Chronicles campaign, but it is also compatible with Immortal Souls, and can be played in that campaign as well.
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