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Sword & Sorcery: Hero Pack - Onamor the Necromancer/Summoner

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Ares Games
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 60-180 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Simone Romano, Nunzio Surace
Publisher Ares Games
Base Game Sword & Sorcery

The world of Sword & Sorcery always requires new heroes! With this Hero Pack, you now have the chance to introduce a new, powerful character into your campaign.

Sometimes, the heroes are shadowy figures dabbling in the dark arts or renegades from their kin... Born into a family of powerful wizards, descendants of Avalon, Onamor may be played as either a Chaotic Necromancer or a Lawful Summoner.

As a Necromancer, Onamor grew up alone, with arcane tomes their only company. The years spent learning the obscure art of necromancy have twisted their mind, Onamor has traded the very essence of their life to become a Necromancer, able to raise corpses from death and manipulate them through their powerful will.

As a Summoner, Onamor grew up surrounded by magic and tutored in the arcane arts, until one day, a powerful demon slayed both their parents in front of him. That day, Onamor sworn to spend their life dominating and banishing demons, using them as a weapon against other supernatural entities, because only a demon can inflict anger and pain to another demon.

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