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Sunflower Valley: A Tile-Laying Game

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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 7+
Designer(s) Wouter van Strien
Publisher Playroom Entertainment

Sunflower Valley: A Tile-Laying Game is a quick-paced game about settling your own perfect mountain valley. During the game, you will be selecting whether you want to fill your land with high pastures - and the choice wont be easy! The railroad will connect your towns and turn life in the valley into a never-ending holiday. Are you prepared for this journey? All aboard!


1. Every player gets a Valley Express token, a Starting Town tile, and 20 Valley tiles with the same color as the roofs of their Starting town.

2. Every player places their Starting Town tile in front of them with their Valley Express token on top of it. This token tracks the progress of their Valley Express, making sure to have space around their Starting Town for their Valley to expand.

3. Each player shuffles their Valley tiles and puts them in a face-down pile in front of them.


The game is played over 3 rounds with every player settling their own valley. Every round, all players simultaneously perform their actions as follows:

1. Each player takes 7 tiles from their pile.

2. Each player picks any 1 tile from their hand, reveals it, and plays it next to a tile in their valley (attaching it horizontally or vertically to any car they have played, however they are not allowed to play tiles diagonally). Tiles are to be revealed and played at the same time.

Important: Once played, the tile cannot be rotated or moved later.

3. Then, everyone passes their remaining hand face-down to the player on their left.

4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until the last remaining tile of each hand is passed.

5. With the last tile, each player receives the singular tile and places it at the bottom of their pile and the round is over.

Note: The leftover tile from the first round will come back to players' hand in the third round. The remaining tile from the second round won't come back to you.

By the end of every round, there should be 6 new tiles played and by the end of the game, each valley should contain 19 tiles (1 Starting Town and 19 Valley tiles).


When the third round ends, the players tally their points. Points are scored only for the tiles in the valleys, the tiles left in the piles are ignored. Whoever has the most points wins the game! In the event of a tie, the player with the most towns in their Valley Express wins. If there is still a tie, tied players share the victory.

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