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Fireside Games
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Number of Players 4-10
Playtime 20 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Romain Caterdjian
Publisher Fireside Games

Announcing Stringamajig, the new party game from Fireside Games that combines the creative challenge of a drawing game with the hilarious antics of charades—with a string.

Here’s how to play

Each player is given a minute to draw a shape with a loop of string, move it around, and interact with it, trying to help other players guess that word and as many other words in the time allotted.

Pick your word by drawing the top card from the deck, which lists 4 numbered words. The word you can pick is indicated by the numbers that are on the back of the card that is now on top of the deck.

Form your word by using the loop of string to make a shape and then interacting with it while the other players make guesses. Strum that guitar, move the tentacles on your octopus, or make the rotors spin on your helicopter! The game really shines with the creative drawings and hilarious interactions with the string.

Score a point for every word that was guessed correctly, and each player scores a point for every correct guess they made.

Challenge words are worth 2 points, but are harder to draw:

  • 2-Player: Make your creation with another player in the air.
  • Don’t Look: Draw with your eyes shut.
  • Forbidden Word: Guessing a specific word costs you a card.
  • After all players have had 2 turns as the drawer (or 1 turn in a 7+ player game), the game is over and the player with the most points wins.
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