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Starship Captains

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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 40-100 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Peter B. Hoffgaard
Publisher CGE

Welcome aboard and congratulations on the promotion! Your "new" starship is ready to head off on its first big voyage. Just scrape off some of the rust, and she'll be fine. And that crew? They might look a little green around the edges, but they're your crew now. Make us proud.

The stars are calling to you...and adventure awaits!

As newly promoted Starship Captains, the players are in command of their first starship and hungry to prove themselves in a galaxy full of space pirates, grumpy old androids, ancient artifacts, and interplanetary adventures.

In this 2-4 player Eurostyle game, which combines action selection and engine building, you will manage a diverse crew of cadets, ensigns, androids, and officers — each with different special roles and capabilities. By earning medals, you will promote and train your crew for even greater effectiveness. Similarly, you can also upgrade your ship with powerful engine building technology for maximum synergy.

What will you do with your enhanced crew and ship? Explore an ever-changing galaxy full of dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions in order to boost your reputation with three distinct galactic factions for bountiful rewards.

Do you have the skills it takes to deftly command your crew and become the best captain in the cosmos? We will see!

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