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Star Wars: Outer Rim

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 120-180 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Corey Konieczka, Tony Fanchi
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games

Take to the stars and be a living legend in Star Wars: Outer Rim, a game of bounty hunters, smugglers and mercenaries for 1-4 players!

In Outer Rim, you take on the role of an underworld denizen, starting out to make your mark on the galaxy. You'll travel the outer rim in your own ship, hire legendary Star Wars characters to join your crew, and attempt to become the most famous (or infamous) outlaw in the galaxy!

But it won't be easy since the warring factions of the galaxy stalk the outer rim, hunting down the scum that have proven to be a thorn in their side, and other scoundrels looking to make their mark see you as the perfect target to bring down to boost their own reputation. Do you have what it takes to get through the outer rim and become a living legend?

In more detail, a game of Outer Rim takes place over a series of turns that has players taking dangerous jobs, upgrading their ship, tracking down bounties, and more, all in service of earning more and more fame. Regardless of the path you take to get there, your goal is to earn ten fame, which can come from a variety of sources, slike completing your character's personal goal, collecting on bounties and jobs, delivering illegal cargo, taking down patrols from the many factions struggling over the galaxy, and enjoying the finer things in life by buying luxury items with your hard-earned credits.

While the way to victory may be different for scoundrels finding their way in the Outer Rim, everyone begins from the bottom with a simple starship. Your player board not only tracks your fame progress, but also holds slots for your ship, your character card, gear, reputation, modifications, jobs, and bounties.

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