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Number of Players 4-10
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Alexandr Ushan
Publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment

Welcome to Spyfest™, the biggest super-spy convention in the world. You are here to get a precious piece of secret information, but there's a issue: Everyone is in costume, and you don't know who your source is. Locate your Spy by listening and talking to attendees, but remember, rival agents are there, trying to intercept the information by identifying your spy before you do!

Spyfest is an thrilling detective party game in which players split into two teams and take turns being the Spy. The goal of the Spy is to have their own team guess who they're dressed as—a memorable historical or fictional character—before the other team. In order to do this, the Spy and their team will use a special Keyword as well as their quick-wittedness, imagination, subtlety, and great talent for mingling.

In Spyfest, the most creative and ingenious team wins, so stay on your game!

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