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Spirit Island: Jagged Earth

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Greater Than Games
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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 90-120 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) R. Eric Reuss
Publisher Greater Than Games
Base Game Spirit Island

Danger abounds in this expansion for Spirit Island!

The invaders have increased in numbers and are more capable than ever before. As hope begin to dwindle, defense of the island falls to those spirits more in tune with the peril and chaos of the natural world. Will you be able to harness their power to defend the island or will it fall to the persistence of the invaders? Regardless of the outcome, Spirit Island will never be the same after the time of Jagged Earth!

New Scenarios

  • 10 New Spirits
  • 2 New Adversaries
  • 2 New Island Boards
  • 30+ New Event Cards
  • New Fear and Blight Cards
  • 50+ New Major and Minor Power Cards
  • Optional aspects (innate powers) for the 4 core game spirits
  • Badland tokens, a new way to fight invaders!
  • More plastic, wooden, and cardboard tokens so you can play with up to 6 players
  • New play options: combining adversaries, playing with an Archipelago (split island), and more.
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