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Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000

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Number of Players 2
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Paul Peterson
Publisher AEG

This is an expansion for, and needs Smash Up core game to play.

The Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000 expansion has 4 all-new distinct factions that you can mix and match to defeat your opponents. Try them with the Core Set to make exponential new combinations!

Killer Plants - Better deal with these guy quick, leave them alone and they'll grow all over the place. Weeds!

Ghosts - Unlike most card games in history, Ghosts benefit from having less cards in your hand. Are you be immaterial?

Steampunks - Can't leave a good base alone, the Steampunks will bring new abilities to bases to help your strategies.

Bear Cavalry - What is scary? A bear. What is really scary? A cossack on top of a bear! Bear Cavalry will use fear to send opposing minions away to other bases.

Combine these groups into teams of two for many effects! Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000 also has 8 new Base cards to compete over.

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