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Sleep Tight

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 5-30 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) N/A
Publisher Self-Published

In Sleep Tight you are kids trapped in a very special dream...a dream where the Sandman lives. Your souls have been shattered, and the only way to wake up is to gather Soul Fragments by traversing your nightmares. But watch out, the Sandman will haunt you trying to consume your remaining Soul Fragments.

Work together against the Sandman or turn against each other. If the Sandman is defeated, everyone wins. But if one player wakes up first, they win, while the other players stay trapped in the nightmare forever, left as a feast for the Sandman.

Try this game of conflict, cooperation, betrayal, and nightmares


Sleep Tight is a 10-20 minute game that is dynamic and fast-paced in terms of choices and actions. Sometimes you’re lucky and get a large hand of cards you can pick from, and sometimes you have to micromanage and get the best out of a small hand. It’s a game where your luck can change quickly when the Sandman lashes out, testing your intuition and skills. Will you hide and wait for the attack to pass, or will you actively attack and escape by the skin of your teeth?

In Sleep Tight you need to constantly be alert and think few steps ahead, as you will need to figure out the other players’ next move or even worse, the Sandman’s!

The players will use action cards and Soul Fragments as a "fuel" for their action. They decide to cooperate with other players or can even join the Sandman in his evil goals.

The Sandman has a stack of action cards that also represents his health pool. When the Sandman is out of action he is beaten. There are many ways to inflict faster damages to him.

There are two ways to win the game:

1) Beat the Sandman. If the Sandman deck is empty, all the players win the game. If you prefer to have one winner, the winner is the player with most Soul Fragments. (The nightmare ends, and everyone wakes up.)

2) Escape from the nightmare. If a player has 10 Soul Fragments and plays the card, that player wins the game and the other players lose. (The dream collapses, leaving the other players to be completely consumed by the Sandman.)

There are two ways to lose:

1) All players die. If every player dies by reaching 0 Soul Fragments, all the players lose. (They die and are consumed by the Sandman.)

2) The nightmare succeeds in trapping you. If the Dreamscape deck is empty, the players will lose. (The kids are stuck in their dreams and can’t wake up anymore)

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