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PvP Geeks
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Giacomo Neri, Riccardo Neri, Riccardo Parmeggiani
Publisher PvP Geeks

Skytear is a competitive card-driven miniatures game inspired by MOBA video games (like League of Legends) containing 28 heroes from an original fantasy universe.

Using a draft system that supplements regular deckbuilding, players will pick heroes from four factions in order to flexibly respond to their opponent's selections. Then, using these heroes, players will compete to take control of the lanes and lead the minions there to assault the enemies towers, or enter the dome to take control of the outsider there. In doing so, they win one of the three victory conditions selected at the start of the game, allowing for potential bluffing or feints by switching objective.

Skytear has no dice, instead revolving around modifiers printed on every power cards. This duality of effect means deckbuilding is a nuanced issue: cards that are most beneficial when played likely will come with a negative modifier, reducing the effectiveness of most attacks. At the same time, drafting a particular hero provides you with their associated cards, meaning flexibility can be incorporated into your hero selections.

With two maps, 28 heroes, and over 65 power cards at launch, Skytear is an extremely replayable tactical game.

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