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Similo: History

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Horrible Guild
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Number of Players 2-8
Playtime 10-15 Min
Suggested Ages 7+
Designer(s) Martino Chiacchiera, Hjalmar Hach, Pierluca Zizzi
Publisher Horrible Guild

Similo is a co-operative deduction game, and every version of the game — e.g., Fables, History, Myths — includes a deck of thirty cards, beautifully illustrated by Naïade, showing the portrait and the name of a series of characters with a common theme.

Your objective is to make the other players guess one secret character (out of the twelve characters on display in the centre of the table) by playing other character cards from your hand as clues, identifying whether they are similar to or different from the secret character. After every turn, the other players must pick one or more characters from the table until only the right one remains and you win — or it is removed and you lose!

You may play with one of the Similo sets by itself, using the cards from, say, Fables both for the characters being laid out and for the clues being given to the guessers, or you can use the cards from one set for the twelve characters on display and the cards from another as the clues. The game is much more challenging this way!

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