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Shadows: Amsterdam

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Number of Players 2-8
Playtime 20 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Mathieu Aubert
Publisher Libellud

Amsterdam in the present day. A crime has been committed, but the police investigation is not going anywhere. An anonymous client has asked your detective agency to investigate. However, your competitors are on the case as well, so there’s no time to waste.

Your Intelligence Officer will lead your Detectives through the city, by sending pictures to communicate. Every image contains location intel ... for those who can understand. But you will need to decode the messages faster than your rivals while avoiding the police! Explore the city to locate three pieces of evidence, and deliver them to your client before the other team in order to receive payment — and win the game!

The police don’t want you on the case, so you’d best keep out of their way! If they see you sniffing around, they’ll put you behind bars, giving your rivals an easy victory.

Shadows - Amsterdam is a real-time simultaneous competition between detective agencies, using pictures that have intel to communicate within your own team. Player roles are asymmetrical: each Intelligence Officer tries to lead their own team around the board, and the Detectives try to understand their Intelligence Officer’s clues in a fast-paced race to victory.

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